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Bedding & Pointing

Before diving into the subject of bedding and pointing, it is essential to understand the concept and why it is an important subject.

Bedding and pointing are an indispensable parts of the roof’s structure as they ensure the safeguarding of any house’s roof. So, what exactly is bedding and pointing?

Basically, roof bedding is sand and cement mortar that helps keep the tiles on the roof intact. Without bedding the roof tiles can split which can lead to falling out of the tiles. The loose tiles can lead to dangerous impact as it can fall down on the people causing injuries.

Roof pointing on the other hand is a flexible material that is placed over the bedding to seal the ridge cap to the tiles. Roof pointing ensures that water and other substances are kept away from the roof ensuring the protection of the roof. Roof pointing or flexible pointing comes in various colors and gives a wholesome vibe to the roof and adds on unique characteristics overall to the house.

So, when is the time to re-point the roof

As with any other construction, wear and tear is bound to happen over time. So, how to know the right time for re-pointing the roof?
First thing first, loose tiles are a major give away. Along with it, if the tiled roofs have wear and tear, cracks or is leaking it is time to re-point the roof. However, before re-pointing it is also necessary to see if the bedding is properly intact.

Before doing the re-pointing process, the specialist follows a set of procedures to give your roof that brand-new look. First, the specialist looks for the loose tiles. Once the loose tiles are spotted, the next step for the builder would be to do the re-bedding of the tile by using the sand and cement mortar mix. Once this process is completed, the tiles are placed and the process of pointing is done.
It is integral to do the process of bedding and pointing from an experienced and professional builders as it is something that is crucial to safeguard the house from external damages.

Our company has been actively working to provide the best when it comes to taking care of your roof. We provide complete roof restoration that is needed to not just protect your home but also give it a great look that you can be proud of.

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